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Re: Working with Adapt Framework on headless command line accessed web server or windows?
by Chris Jones - Wednesday, 29 January 2014, 9:37 AM

Hello Matthew & Amir,

Thanks for the feedback!

We've tried to get the whole development environment working cross-platform as best we can, but information like this is really valuable and will no doubt help many other who experience similar problems.

I'd like to add as general points:- 

  • When installing from the command, ensure you have sufficient privileges; on Windows you may need to "Run as Administrator", Mac and Linux user may need to prefix the commands with sudo.
  • "grunt server" is primarily aimed being as a useful tool to preview the Adapt course locally when you are building it. A fully-fledged HTTP server like Apache or IIS should really be used to deliver content in production. As Adapt produces HTML, you can just run "grunt build" to compile the course into the build directory and copy all the resulting files to your web server.

Going forward we would really like to create some kind of managed installer (there are discussions regarding this on the forums) and further Adapt command line tools that remove need need for Git completely.