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ways to disable img-zoom in Vanilla v5
by Chuck Lorenz - Thursday, 19 December 2019, 5:15 PM

Vanilla v5 contains a default hover effect called img-zoom. Thanks to the developers for adding such extras. But I need a way to toggle this off, especially with themes used in the authoring tool.

In the framework, removing the img-zoom() mixin/function from _animations.less causes a compile error. This seems to imply that I need to remove the call from each component less file that uses it; or modify img-zoom so that the effect is rendered meaningless. Unlike standard CSS styles, there's no way to 'unset' or 'none' img-zoom. Or is there?

Have I overlooked something? Is there a way to switch this off in the AAT? to toggle this off for some components but leave it enabled for others?

Thanks for any insights! 

(created issue)