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Unlock block via web object event
by Tom Farrow - Monday, 13 January 2020, 2:12 PM

Hi there, Adapt Authoring tool in use, with the Animation Frame used to display HTML5 web objects (produced in Adobe Animate), usually animations or click through interactions.

Is it possible to have a block/item locked, and only unlock it when events have occurred in a web object (Animation Frame), an example being the next block is locked until the animation finishes or all the hotspots have been clicked in the web object. So communication between the authoring tool and created HTML5 web objects?

I have achieved something similar to this with Articulate Storyline - https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/set-variable-for-storyline-variable-from-web-object - so hopefully something along these lines is possible.



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Re: Unlock block via web object event
by Matt Leathes - Monday, 13 January 2020, 3:35 PM

Using the animation frame plugin as-is? I don't think so - it looks like it only supports 'inview' completion i.e. as soon as the component scrolls into view it marks as completed. You might be able to get the author (Fabio Beoni) to add support for something like this (esp. if you're willing to pay him!). Haven't seen him on here for a while though...

I have done something like this in the past using our (Kineo) adapt-iframe component - this was years ago though but it may all still work!! See the README for the _setCompletionOn setting.

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Re: Unlock block via web object event
by Tom Farrow - Wednesday, 15 January 2020, 10:50 AM

Thanks Matt, I will look into your component, as that sounds like a possibility.