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Use of Jira/Zenhub by the Adapt Framework development team (notes from the core developer meeting part 2)
by Peter Smith - Monday, 21 December 2015, 3:27 PM

Some concerns have recently been raised about the use of Jira for the Framework stream of the project and these were discussed by the core development team at their recent face-to-face meeting. Jira is perceived by some as a barrier to participation in the project and there are risks and inefficiencies associated with having two separate places for collaborators and community members to raise tickets. There is also the problem of seeking follow-up information from anonymous guest users on Jira, and the fact that the Framework and Authoring tool streams use two different systems and workflows has proven a source of confusion.  

Set against this, the agile project management tools built into Jira have helped to structure the work of the Framework developers, and the system makes it easy to record and track time spent and search information in tickets.

It was agreed that the Framework stream would revert to using GitHub for issue tracking, and integrate ZenHub to handle project management needs. The existing Jira instance will be retained as a reference resource. To further reduce any risk of duplicated tickets, the ability to raise tickets will be switched off for all core plugin repos to ensure that community members can only raise tickets in a single place.


  1. Open Jira tickets to be opened on the Framework GitHub
  2. The ability to raise new tickets will be removed from user accounts on Jira
  3. Tickets to be turned off for all Framework plugin repos and tags for the core repos added to the Framework