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Project Control and Maintenance
by Terrell Perry - Thursday, 23 February 2017, 1:51 PM

I don't know if this has been addressed in the forum yet, but has anyone addressed saving a project, archival of a project, removal of a project, and re-opening a saved project?  I am an ID by trade and not as technical as most on this forum.  I love the tool and have developed several prototypes in different designs and using many different components of the tool.

I have found the need to conserve space since much of my work is in the Vagrant environment. I must admit, I don't understand where my project assets are stored in the system.  I have used the download course and export source code features (but don't really know what to do with the source code).

Are there any plans to save a project and remove a course so I can save drive space and later, put the course back on the server (or my Vagrant computer) for modification/update?