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Re: Best LMS / Incorporating Claro DominKnow Authoring
by Daryl Hedley - Monday, 14 December 2015, 8:07 PM


Indeed - SCORM will be there for corporate training (hopefully not for very long) and it's why we've layered our tracking in our authoring tool so you can pick your output:

- No tracking
- Advanced tracking
- Tin-can
- Or a mixture of a few.

I read over your tracking extension - looks good! Some neat bits of code in there.

At Appitierre we've partnered with some companies who have wanted to track what our Platform Bloom tracks and we've been asked to write an Adapt specification for tracking which enables any LMS (old or new) to render advanced tracking analytics inside the LMS without much integration. It should be an interesting project and will push the boundaries of what's already been done with Adapt. Imagine being able to track all the users interactions, points gained, badges earned in a single coherent format...

I'll post more about this once we've finished the project.