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Re: FFmpeg Install Ex Post Facto - Issues
by Jim Farrell - Tuesday, 1 August 2017, 7:01 PM

Update: I was able to get back up and running with the Authoring tool by updating the path in System Variables (C:\Program Files\adapt_authoring; C:\Program Files\nodejs).

I double checked the other paths, both global and local (see below). Is there anything else I need to correct? Also, is there a way to set up the FFmpeg app as I'm currently configured? 




Global (Able to confirm from C:\...)

node -v [returned: 4.2.2]
npm -v [returned: 2.14.7]
grunt –version [returned: grunt-cli v1.2.0]
adapt –-version [returned: 2.0.5]


Local Confirmed (able to confirm from local folder)

git –-version Local: 2.13.3.windows.1 - [global - returned: “git is not recognized”]  

mongod –version local: v3.4.6 - [global returned: mongod not recognized]


nodist -v [returned: nodist is not recognized]

nvm –version [returned: nvm not recognized]

ffmpeg -version [returned: ffmep not recognized]