Developer Meeting Minutes
by Mark Lynch - Friday, 11 October 2013, 8:43 AM

Adapt Developer Meeting Minutes

Date: 10-OCT-2013


Alan Bourne
Chris Jones
Daryl Hedley
Dennis Heaney
Fabien O'Carroll
Mark Lynch
Ryan Adams
Sven Laux
Tony Finlay


Rob Moore

Authoring tool project update
This has started development as a nodeJS project there are 2 components
1. Core
2. UI
Adapt Builder Core is a node library based on Express and consists of discrete modules each with a single area of responsibility.

Adapt Builder UI will be a node app built on top of Adapt Builder Core that will make use of the services and API exposed by Core, and its primary feature will be a one-page app, likely based on Backbone.js.

Focus this week has been here mainly on permissions, multi-tenancy, logging and DB integration/interface

Main Issues have been on deciding a good pattern/approach to multi-tenancy

Sven has been busy on the organisation side of the project, working towards the community launch on the 14th Oct.
When it launches we need to focus on
- The developer community
- Help people and answer questions pretty quickly
Sven and the Kineo team plus SpongeUK are in Kineo Brighton today working on
- Resource Planning
- Writing user stories
- Estimating those user stories
- Adding the users stories to a backlog in Redmine and creating a Sprint (several sprints)
- Adding tasks to the sprint
- documenting the architecture, a doc will appear in the community soon.

Sven also talked about version control
- GitLab has been ditched in favour of an open Git repo
    - This should help other developers get involved as it's pretty much standard and contributing should be easier
- Fabien was busy working on setting up CI using TravisCI, this integrates really nicely with GitHub

Busy working on Multi-tenancy
+ Permissions
+ System setup, backup + Rollbacks
+ Peak Load
+ Other Architecture Issues

Working on concepts for what the AT UI will look like
Prepping for the Meeting on Monday with Sven and Ryan for Monday

Spent time planning the backlog and the Sprint on the builder side.
Discussed Redmine usage and setup plus Capacity planning with Sven and Daryl.

Daryl gave a presentation on an Issue that has sparked discussion in the community site,specifically on the Mutate function. Daryl fired up a google hangout and we followed along as Darly delivered his presentation.
There was a lively debate where eventually we all agreed that we should not use Mutate and that we use extensions and events plus the bespoke folder.

Chris produced the following classic quote

"Core is open for extension and closed for modification"

Other Round table Stuff
Sven asked for a tool like irc to get created that would help with instant communication for the core team. Mark said that LP has an internal irc and that we' create one for the team. We'd also call the channel Adapt.
Sven also wanted to know if anyone had any comments/feedback on the site design/functionality. The site links have also been updated to link to documentation and the version control system.

- Get the irc server setup and distribute to everyone
- Setup a recurring dev meeting for every Thursday @10:00
- Investigate if we can setup a recurring Google hangout, if yes setup
- Track Project and get a handle on progress

All developers/designers/Architects/others
- Develop code, write documents