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Authoring tool v0.6.0-rc.1 available for testing
by Tom Taylor - Wednesday, 5 September 2018, 2:37 PM

Good afternoon,

The open-source core dev team are pleased to announce that v0.6.0 of the authoring tool is now ready for general user testing!

This release packages up a bunch of different enhancements and optimisations to the form/input of the authoring tool. The headline features are:

  • Configurable settings can now be added to themes and menus
  • List input types can now be reordered via a drag and drop
  • Tags input type has been rewritten
  • ColourPicker input type has been rewritten
  • Tooltips with help text have added to all form inputs
  • A button to revert a field to its default state has been added to all form inputs
  • The custom Boolean true/false dropdown has been replaced with the Checkbox editor
  • Fields from the properties schema are now properly passed through to Backbone Forms

As this is a pre-release, we don't advise switching your production installs over just yet.

You can get your own copy by following these steps:

  1. Pull the code from git tagged v0.6.0-rc.1
  2. Run npm install && grunt build:prod
  3. Start the server as usual

To coincide with this release, the following plugins have been given configurable attributes:

Note: neither of these plugins are maintained by the core dev team, so please log any issues with them on their respective GitHub pages.



Log any issues you find to GitHub (following our guidelines), and get in touch via Gitter if you have any other questions.

We all hope you enjoy using this release!