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adapt-barnacles Barnacles
by C OCaoimh - Monday, 24 September 2018, 2:01 PM


Kineo shared this nice little extension, barnacles. 


Just in case anyone out there wanted to modify it so that it appears at the bottom and the ticks and crosses appear green and red, you can modify it very easily in theme-extras.less like this: 

// modified barnacles
// =============
.barnacles {
    bottom: 0; /*moved the bar to the bottom*/
    background: @blue; /*changed background colour */

.barnacle { .icon { color:@item-text-color-selected; &.icon-tick { color:@validation-success; /*green tick*/ } &.icon-cross { color:@validation-error; /*red cross*/ } } }

Thanks again to Kineo for sharing!