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Build Pipeline on courses created using the Authoring Tool
by AIi W - Sunday, 20 January 2019, 3:19 AM

I am curious about how to create a build process that does not rely on the user downloading/exporting the course to local machine.  Our course creators are expected to be non-techy e-learning content creators... This is what I am thinking:

1- The course creators will use the Auth tool to create a course, or make edits to an existing course

2- An hourly build process (shell script on the same server as the authoring tool) runs and will build all courses with "prod" project tag

3- This courses are moved to a directory where the web-server can host them

If I am understanding it correctly, the authoring tool is saving the course info in MongoDB database, is there a way to "export" the course in a way where adapt cli "grunt build" can be called on them?