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Re: Soft Reset assessment to retain answer
by Matt Leathes - Thursday, 4 April 2019, 11:30 AM
I thought that it would be possible to store the answers and results page if it is set to soft.

No, a 'soft' reset is when the component resets without resetting the 'has been completed' flag. A 'hard' reset will reset the 'has been completed' flag as well i.e. the user will be required to complete the component again.

The target behaviour is that if it is closed midway, it would reset, and if complete, it would store the answers and results.

This isn't a use-case it was really designed to accommodate. The purpose of the _shouldStoreResponses setting is mainly to:

  • allow the learner to resume an assessment if they quit part way through
  • prevent the learner from having more than the allowed number of attempts at an assessment

Regarding this:

or redirect the bookmark location to the menu instead of reopening the asssessment page if it is already complete

yes, just turn off bookmarking for the page that contains the assessment. but I'm not sure that will really work since if the learner chooses to go back into the assessment page from the menu it will still reset...