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Upgrading AT 0.4.1
by Lars Halkjær - Monday, 16 September 2019, 2:06 PM

Has anyone successfully upgraded an AT version 0.4.1 to 0.5.0 or above?

I have tried several variations, but something always seems to come in the way.

The biggest obstacle is, that I get an error message telling me that I need at least a version 2.6 mongoDB, but I have found no successful way of upgrading it, that doesn't end up in the AT being unable to connect when I run "node server".

The AT documentation mentions that you need at least Node.js ver. 8 to run 0.5.0, so I tried upgrading the Node.js version (from 6.4) to 8 (and sometimes to a more recent version) but this just gives me errors when I try "node server" (I have tried upgrading Node.js both before and after "node upgrade.js", and I also deleted the existing "node_modules" folder and ran "node install" - and I also tried upgrading npm).

I tried exporting the courses and import them into a new 0.10.0 AT, but for a few of the larger (and of course most important) courses, even though I get to the new import status screen, the import fails at some point (without any specific reason).

If anyone has succeded in this I would very much appreciate a few pointers... :)