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adapt-ppq-audio error message
by Vanya Smythe - Monday, 25 May 2020, 12:12 AM
I also have this error for the hotpin plugin (see in the error message). Command failed: grunt server-build:prod --outputdir=courses/5ec4a2e80a55484546bab1b0/5ec8f1a3de3c825be173252f/build --theme=5ec4abac2b901d45cbe23969 --menu=adapt-contrib-boxMenu Fatal error: { "message": "variable @item-text-color-hover is undefined", "type": "Name", "filename": "src/components/adapt-ppq-audio/less/ppq.less", "index": 538, "line": 37, "column": 13, "callLine": null, "extract": [ " \t.ppq-icon {", " \t\tcolor: @item-text-color-hover;", " \t\tbackground-color: @item-color-hover;" ] } A few other plug-ins are giving me similar errors when I attempt to preview the course I am authoring. I am wondering if there is something amiss with my server set up, or a script I have to run to fix things on the server? Or do these plug-ins need tweeking to work with my 5.5 tool? Server set up is brand new and seems to be working well otherwise. Thanks for any help.