Paul Welch
Re: References and Resources
by Paul Welch - Thursday, 17 October 2013, 8:41 AM

Hi Sven/Ray,

The Logitech does contain some components not planned for inclusion in the first release and it also contains some bespoke functionality but I wonder whether we should think about including this 'out of the box' as I could see it being quite useful.


  • The first is linking the block slider functionality with some kind of event, in the Logitech example it’s when incorrect feedback tutor is closed.


  • The second is locked articles which become unlocked once correct tutor feedback is closed.


When combined it makes for quite a strong goal based type approach where the learner can‘t pass through the question ‘gateway’ until the knowledge check has been answered correctly. Incorrect attempts trigger access to the remedial learning contained within the 2nd block.   The demo shows this functionality.

In makes for more sophisticated learning models than the more traditional 1.gain attention, 2.tell,  3.check and 4.summarise linear models which I’m sure we all have variations of.

Be interested to hear how often other ID's use this approach and whether the tool should make possible in release 1.0 or whether its custom work/added later.