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Re: Translated course reimported to Authoring Tool fails to preview/build
by Sebastian Hanlon - Wednesday, 9 June 2021, 4:10 PM

Misha - You _can_ have multiple languages in one course (and the user can choose between them using the Language Selector plugin), but only in standalone Framework projects it seems.

Trying to re-import a course with multiple language content to the Authoring Tool seems to discard all but the first language (in alphabetical order?), ignoring even the _defaultLanguage set in the course.json configuration. If there's a way to get the Authoring Tool to keep the extra language data on import that'd make it a lot easier to maintain an "authoritative" version of a multi-language course, so updates can start in one place (even if content updates have to round-trip through an export-translate-reimport workflow)