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Re: Ill say it: Json kinda sucks for this use case
by Oliver Foster - Monday, 23 August 2021, 5:14 PM

> I love Adapt, but JSON is a really bad choice in my opinion for presenting learning content.
This is why HTML was invented, its a markup language and you can still have your presentation text in a typical format with markup around it. 

XML used to be the default choice for e-learning as far as I understand.

There are effectively two parts of the framework where JSON is loaded and can be swtiched to XML or similar. src/core/data.js - where the data is loaded into the course at runtime, and the grunt/ folder - where data is checked for structure and used in the build process.

You're more than welcome to make a pr to allow Adapt to switch between JSON and XML. Deciding on how to structure the xml might be somewhat of a challenge. Persoally I find the extra characters a bit mind blowing.