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Re: Advice on Upgrading theme to new version (Adapt Authoring Tool, V5 framework)
by Ross Murray - Thursday, 25 November 2021, 9:07 AM

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah I've created my custom theme in the adapt_authoring\temp\6126bbe2f9a87d5b005aea93\adapt_framework\src\theme\ folder and it's based on the latest Vanilla theme :)

The main issue I've come across is that I've been updating the colour definitions in less/defaults/_colors.less which works for certain things, but a few of them are also set in the properties.schema file. So when I preview/ rebuild my course from the authoring tool, I'm not seeing the colour changes.

I was hoping that the force rebuild would take into account the project.schema but it doesn't appear too. Only way I can get the project.schema settings to update is by doing a fresh upload of the theme. I was hoping that I could simply upload the theme as a new version by changing the version number in bower.json, 


 "version": "1.1.0", but that results in an upload error. Only way I've gotten it to work is by deleting my theme and reuploading it.
I'm thinking another solution might be to null all the colours set in project.schema so that the colours in _colours.less take precedence.. might be the quickest solution..