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Re: Draggable image in graphic component
by Paul Steven - Thursday, 3 February 2022, 7:57 PM

Hey Chris

This is the CSS I used but as mentioned this isn't accessible with the keyboard. I just tried my forked graphic component solution in my latest Adapt Builder and it seems broken. So I need to fix this:) It was a good 9 months ago I created it and haven't tested it since. Note my CSS solution is horizontal scrolling only as that is all that was required.

.graphic__image-container {
height: 100%;
overflow: auto;
overflow-y: hidden;
white-space: nowrap;

.graphic__image-container img {
width: unset;

.graphic__image-container img, object, embed {
max-width: unset;

.graphic__image-container img:not([width]) {
width: unset;