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Course import fails on Adapt Authoring
by Markus Görlich - Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 9:22 PM

Hello everyone,

I occasionally get the following course import error:

courseasset validation failed: _contentTypeParentId: Path `_contentTypeParentId` is required.

The course runs fine via grunt. There seems to be some issues with older/duplicated courses.

A course in question did use framework 5.18.5 and can’t be imported into 5.18.5 or the latest 5.39.6. I also tried these framework versions with both the original 0.10.5 authoring tool as well as 0.11.3 (1.0.0-rc.4 has other issues).

Does anybody know a workaround to import such courses into the authoring tool?

Best regards,