Developer meeting minutes 24/10/2013
by Sven Laux - Thursday, 24 October 2013, 9:49 AM

Daryl Hedley
Dennis Heaney
Ryan Adams
Sven Laux


Has been working mainly on the plugin manager and storage elements and is planning to develop code on Multi Tenancy. MT may require further research and reading and may also depend on some functionality within user management. Also been reading up further on node.

Blockers: dependency on user management functionality for MT approach. however, Dennis is confident that there has been enough discussion and documentation to start coding.


Wrapped up MT document and submitted this as a pull request to the documentation repository. Has been thinking about content versioning and while this is not part of the planned MVPm, Ryan is still unsure whether it constitutes a foundational functional requirement. Planning to do further research on this topic. Ryan is also planning to draw up a visual data model for the authoring tool.

Blockers: noneĀ 


Following the Agile workshop on Tuesday, Daryl has focused on documentation incl. 'definition of done'. We now have a product backlog in place in Redmine and Daryl has briefed Chris on working on dependency management prototypes. Daryl has also produced further documentation on coding standards and the component parts of the Adapt framework. Plans to update the community site today with an update on developments for the wider project team and community. Briefing of Fabien for first spring planned for today.

Blockers: none (However, we have lost a day of Fabien's time from the current sprint)


Has been focused on the administration of the open source project with the launch of the community site, marketing efforts and the inaugural steering group meeting, which took place on Tuesday. Next steps are to produce the concept overview document to help kick-start the design workstream and the review and responses to the work done by Ryan on the architecture.

Blockers: none