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Framework bi-weekly update - 11/11/2013
by Daryl Hedley - Monday, 11 November 2013, 5:39 PM


Sorry for the delay on this post. 

Last week we managed to finish our first sprint on re-architecturing the framework. We came across a few issues but managed to solve this. However it did mean we missed a few of our tasks that were set out for this sprint.

I came across Karma, a testing suite that works nicely with node, mocha, expect and testing across multiple browsers which looks really great. I've done a prototype that demonstrates it working. I think for building a multi-device product a testing suite like Karma will help us when testing across our variety of browsers.

The first sprint covered tasks like building a mediator which Fabien has been working on. This should enable us to 'delay' core functionality from running and allow plugins to jump in and run through their methods, with none of it overwriting core code.

Chris has been working on the Adapt-cli and dependency loading which looks really powerful. From a developers point of view, I'm looking forward to using commands like:

    $ adapt create component "my-component-name".

I've been working on the testing suites, conditional loading and quite a lot of the core objects. We should be getting up to a point after the next sprint where the build of our components will be implemented. I had to do quite a big spike that enabled me to scope out any issues with our dependency loading and how we use our own bower registry. Also parts of our "Adapt" theme has been built.