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Introduce Yourself Here
by John Curran - Thursday, 14 November 2013, 9:53 AM

Thought I'd add a new discussion topic for new community members to introduce themselves. Here is my intro:

I'm an instructional designer (though I prefer the term learning designer) with over 14 years experience of developing e-learning programmes. I've worked mainly with Sponge but as an independent I also work with other e-learning companies and with my own clients. I blog on e-learning at: www.designedforlearning.co.uk/blog

I run training courses on ID and Learning Design as well as training on development tools such as Storyline and I am interested in how IDs will work with responsive designs. Will there be a storyboard or will we have other ways of scoping and presenting ideas to the client/dev team?

I'm a fan of responsive designs and am in the process of moving my web site to a responsive WordPress theme but there are also challenges to overcome if responsive approaches are going to replace the conventional 'click next' way of doing things.