Dev Standup 5-12-2013
by Mark Lynch - Tuesday, 10 December 2013, 10:34 AM



Chris Steele new developer, on project half time - welcome

Pitch went well for the award, might be early days for us as this project is new.



Chris Steele


Sheffield office, brand new to project, working on the media components. Needs to speak to Daryl.




Catching up with Chris after call. Working on helping the new developers get up to speed. Wants to write some documents on how components are structured and how the components CSS is written. As developers get up to sped things should be standardised. The speed of the new Adapt framework is much faster that the old framework - maybe 50% faster load times.


Built part of the theme, components can now inherit from the theme.



Chris from Sponge


Not spent much time this week, last bit of work was documentation with Daryl on installation of components and plugins, once complete will work on adapt install components from the command line.





Not a lot this week - document from Sven on design main focus. Handover from Dennis, trying to get a really simple course published from front to back with just a text component which should prove that the contract between the framework and AT works






Caught up with Daryl and started to develop components, getting up to speed with the framework.




Getting up to speed with the framework - working on the blank and accordian component, starting on hot-graphic component.





Resourcing, Kev Advaset will join next week. Half time going forward. MVP document is still a work in progress, helpful to define what multi-tenancy means. Working with Paul to define the MVP users stories, submitted to community a mind-map, pretty happy with outcome so far. Will take longer that this week to fully define the MVP, probably another week.


Most pressing thing are dates for the workshop - Mark will work on that today.

Working on a glossary of terms, all the A's are done, will help with a common language and definitions.

Another company is interested in joining, they hope to add a developer sometime in January

Definition of done for the project - Daryl, Testing is difficult because for the most part it's DOM manipulation and taking the component


Is the structure of a plugin defined? Sven will post this question up to the Forum.


Chris asked about sticky threads - Sven is going to take a look.