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Re: Adopting Adapt: non-technical users
by Steven Swanepoel - Wednesday, 16 December 2015, 6:27 AM

The installation process is a beast, no doubt. The documentation has improved since the last time I was here and gave Adapt a crack. My first obstacle back then was not knowing the difference between the framework and the authoring tool. The distinction much clearer now. 

Fast forward a few months, after 6 hours and several attempts I have finally managed to install it. Unless you have got a decent IT-related head on their shoulders, I predict much frustration.

Not because of the instructions, the steps are fine for the most part and are okay enough to follow. Its the small individual differences that make the difference. My issue was a proxy server. Most people who are doing this from work will have to navigate issues like that.

This page saved me more frustration when I was getting an error running: npm install -g adapt-cli 


I wish I could trace back that what I did to help fellow wannabe-Adapters however I did so many things in so many different ways I wouldn't know which helped and which didn't.


Good luck