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  • Adapt Framework Pre-release Testing

    • First of all, thank you for taking part in the Adapt v2 pre-release testing program!

      We’ve been hard at work since our last major release just over a year ago, and finally have a release candidate for version 2.0.0. The adapt_framework repository alone has seen 334 commits, 5,721 additions, 13,062 deletions and 16 collaborators since we put out version 1.1.1.

      We called a code freeze on 18th June, halting all development of new features, to prepare for this testing and bug fixing phase. We aim to make the official release during week commencing 20th July 2015.

      The team have worked very hard on making this release as stable as possible – and we have been conducting our own testing on the framework. However, the more people who can test this new version, the better.

  • Adapt Framework v2 - pre-release testing

    • Detailed instructions for Adapt Framework v2 pre-release testing can be found on the Test Package Github Repository. Please ensure you read them carefully.

      A brief summary of the key points:

      1. Please make sure you can reliably replicate issues before adding them to our bug tracker.
      2. Please search the bug tracker to check whether the issue has already been recorded before creating a new one.
      3. If the issue can be replicated and has not yet been recorded, please create a new issue in our bug tracker.
      4. When creating a new issue, please
        1. take time over describing the issue - a good description really helps with finding, prioritising and fixing the problem. This includes identifying the issue type (e.g. bug, enhancement request etc.)
        2. make sure to include the steps necessary to replicate the bug
        3. include your OS/browser specification. You can copy and paste the information from aboutmybrowser (or share the URL it gives you)