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Technical Architecture Diagram - Sub-systems
by Ryan Adams - Wednesday, 25 September 2013, 9:11 AM

A first draft of a one view of the Technical Architecture of the Authoring Environment.

This view shows the high-level activities that a User will complete in the application (there are 7).  I've outlined the systems that make up the Authoring Environment that are required to enable these activities, and some additional systems that they themselves depend on.

I've not yet documented the behaviours and characteristics of those sub-systems (that's today's job)

Setting aside the idea of MVP (which I've never completely understood) and looking at this from the perspective of "how do I get value quickest?", I think we could cut this down to 3 activities and get internal value (i.e. we could use it internally, relying on process to fill in the gaps), 5 and get some external value, which implies that the order of development should be

  1. content creation
  2. content export
  3. content review
  4. login/logout
  5. system administration
  6. reporting
  7. sign-off

The tool is useless until we get 1 and 2 above done.