Dev Standup 09-Jan-2014
by Mark Lynch - Friday, 17 January 2014, 9:10 AM




Kineo Chris


Kev at kineo

Chris from Sponge

Alan from Sponge




Working with Dennis and Brian on the plugins, need to help them


Building the trickle extension and see how far we get, Paul from Kineo wants progress, but Ltech will leave it. All components will go through testing. Building another course with the MCQ and all it's states. Core Bundle ready for extension


Theme - what will it look like, it'll be a simple base theme with white and Blue. In line with the Adapt learning website. Alan agrees that the base theme is pretty good


Menu - Alan is working on the menu and Theming. It's now fully responsive, it's also pretty simple, it's not custom.


Blockers - sort out other developers with tasks.


Rob Moore


Working with Dennis on the PoC for the Backend of code for the Adapt builder

No Blockers - learning curve of backbone, picking up with Kevin and Brian where they left the Authoring Tool



Chris from Sponge

Adapt register command, pick up adapt create course command. no blockers.

The create course will be templated into that command. Taking the content from the demo.


Some discussion about locking



Kev from Brighton


Not available to work on the framework, worked on MCQ and bug fixing, should go through QA tomorrow.



Alan from Sponge


Sort our menu styling, look at the graphic hotspot switching to mobile, will follow up with Daryl. Any other small tasks, including less tasks. Chris Steele fixing up MCQ. Maybe pickup Documentation for HTML and use of tags.



Kineo Chris


Taken over the MCQ and take the graphical MCQ - try and style it like the standard theme, style it like the accordion. Need 2 radio buttons added to the theme. Alan has added some stuff for the theme. Chris will check





Picked up the loading div task, updated the documentation. Worked on the manifest xml, might use templates for that. Should resolve that today. Pick up some work on theme.json and config.json, a grunt task that combines both.


Hangout planned for 13:00 to go over the assessment and spoor extension


Kevin Learning pool


Working on some minor tasks to the router, navigate global settings for weight, added documentation. Picked up a tasks.


Made a start on the spoor, waiting for tasks for hangout





Launch prep and help with marketing and put the webinar together, mainly look at the glossary, tidy up the community site.




github tidy up.