Adapt community update
by Sven Laux - Friday, 29 January 2016, 12:27 PM

Dear Adapt community,

I am very pleased to say that we are ready to launch the new Adapt website at: - I'm sure many of you have noticed this already.

I just wanted to take the time to say a massive thank you to everyone in the community for making it worth our while. Your interest, uptake and support is what makes the project successful. It's especially great to see many of you helping others in the forums and also more people becoming closely involved in working with the core team. Please just drop me a line if you're interested in finding out more on how best to help out. As my local handyman says on his flyer "No job is too small - and they all need doing" :-)

The core team (check us out here) have done a fantastic job in pulling the new site together and it has been a true collaboration with almost everyone involved in some capacity. The highlights of the new site for me are:

  • The intuitive and scalable information architecture and background thinking (special thanks to Lucy Hodge and Chuck Lorenz)
  • The great coordination of the team, comms, task planning and content gathering (special thanks to Ben Pascoe)
  • The beautiful look and feel (special thanks to Paul Messenger and Owen Worts)
  • The straight forward and easy to read copy (thanks to Ben Pascoe, Lucy Hodge, Chuck Lorenz, Paul Welch and many more)
  • The classy video (thanks to the Learning Pool team)
  • The smooth implementation and build (thanks to Owen Worts and Thomas Taylor)
  • The great many showcase modules bringing Adapt to life (thanks to all collaborators)

We've tried to listen to the things you have asked for - e.g. a showcase of Adapt modules, easier to find and digest website content, better links to documentation, documented roadmaps, a plugin-register etc. - there is lots to explore!

The new site will give us a much better shop front into the world and hopefully help generate interest and uptake, which will help us get closer to our vision. We'd be very much obliged if you could tweet a link to the new site or retweet our messages (@AdaptLearning on Twitter).
I'd also like to take this opportunities to say thank you to our collaborator organisations (official sponsors) - who are helping us in a big way. Many of them (including myself) will be at the Learning Technologies conference (London, UK on 3rd and 4th of February) if you'd like to meet us in person, shake hands or ask questions.
Many thanks and I look forward to what 2016 will bring!