Ohloh registration
by Sven Laux - Wednesday, 5 February 2014, 11:54 PM


just to let everyone know that the Adapt Framework has now been registered on Ohloh at The purpose of the site is to enable its audience to discover, track and compare open source projects.

I'll be watching it's status up there and will try to accurately reflect where we are at. It's nice to see the positives:

  • an estimated two years worth of effort for the Adapt Framework
  • well documented source

It's also worth noting that our repository structure and commit merge process seems not to work so well with regards to the Ohloh ratings (e.g. it looks like Ohloh looks at one branch in on repo only and our squash merges make it looks as if we only had 11 commits etc). Regardless, we have thought these items through very well and will continue on as we are.

Hopefully the registration will help build awareness over time!