Re: Adapt authoring tool - access to underlying code
by Sven Laux - Friday, 7 February 2014, 5:03 PM

Thanks, Mark.

Dennis and Daryl, do you have a view on the technical side?

My thoughts are:

  • important to separate out these two, very different cases:
    • the ability to view code / markup
    • the ability to modify
  • it's technically doable (e.g. via keeping separate codebases for each project)

My gut reaction is that DreamWeaver (which I was very fond of for a long time) is primarily aimed at developers and hence this feature fitted in very naturally.

However, I'm not sure if trying to achieve this might ultimately create conflict with our ambition to deliver a very easy to use authoring tool aimed at an ultimately non-technical end user audience. It may well be possible to achieve both - I'd say this type of feature would be a longer term addition.

Views welcome!