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Re: Just found out about Adapt
by Derek Chirnside - Thursday, 17 March 2016, 8:00 PM

My solution:

  • Use gmail.
  • Filter everything from the Adapt forum into an Adapt label, and bypass in tray.
  • Set up another label "Follow-Adapt"
  • Label your own threads with the "Follow-Adapt" label (which makes new responses stand out on the page, you can skim the other stuff)

One benefit.  I have 100,000 responses from one forum in my labeled view.  Search is quicker than the original by far than if I want to find something.

Just in case this is not clear, here is a picture, the purple shows the thread I am 'following', and you can see all the other threads I have read and those I have ignored:

Even though other forums I am on have gone to single thread subscriptions, I still use this, as it is has proven quicker than scanning any online RSS, list of new posts, browsing forums (etc) options.  I don't have to go to a lot of sites - just my gmail links.

I don't like daily digest, I still have to do too much to engage.  I still have to read too much.  Then I have to click some more.  :-)

There you go: your totally unsolicited piece of advice for the day.