Design-stream call 07/02/2014
by Sven Laux - Friday, 7 February 2014, 10:48 PM


  • Tony Finlay
  • Sven Laux


  • We acknowledged the requirements were now in place and discussed next steps on the design stream.
  • In order for us to agree on the format and detail of the Functional Specification deliverable, we agreed to share an example document for discussion / decision making. Action: Sven to share example document
  • The Design Team need to agree on tools to use for wire-framing tasks and specification work. Tony has been using Mockflow and Sven has been using Balsamiq Mockups. We agreed for Tony to review Balsamiq and Sven to review Mockflow in order to discuss which is the most suitable tool for creating the wireframes for the Adapt Learning authoring tool.
  • We agreed to set up a live chat for the Design stream on Skype (let's face it, the IRC channel is not being used). We commit to documenting key discussions and decisions on the community site in order not to lose key information. Action: Sven to set up chat and invite core design team. Done



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Re: Design-stream call 07/02/2014
by Eric Rohrer - Saturday, 8 February 2014, 12:03 AM

Hi Sven & Tony,

In regard to Balsamiq, you will likely be about to use it for free being an open-source project.

It's a pretty good tool that  used extensively in my last job.

Another one to check out that I really like is UX Pin (



Re: Design-stream call 07/02/2014
by Sven Laux - Saturday, 8 February 2014, 12:11 AM

This is great, Eric! Thank you for that. I have been in touch with Balsamiq before and they are a truly lovely bunch. I'll also check out the two other ones. Hadn't come across uxpin before.

A key thought in all this is to get a fast and flexible tool, which can work with versions control and then to establish this as the de-facto standard on the project.

Thanks again,

Paul Welch
Re: Design-stream call 07/02/2014
by Paul Welch - Saturday, 8 February 2014, 9:16 AM


Just thought I'd add that we in Kineo have been using Balsamic for wireframing up the Adapt pages and I agree, it's a great little piece of software that's simple to use with just the right level of functionality to get the main ideas across.

We use the wireframes as a single delivery that provides a client an overview of the page treatment, whilst also replacing scope documents and a separate graphics brief for our graphic artists so lots to like!




Re: Design-stream call 07/02/2014
by Sven Laux - Saturday, 8 February 2014, 11:08 AM


here are some specification documentation examples to help us define the specification deliverables.

There are two examples sets with relevant attachments. Both followed on from the requirements document.

  • Example 1:
    This is a specification set of User Interface designs + Use Cases documents. I tend to use Use Cases less these days so the main focus for us would be the UI doc.
  • Example 2:
    A slightly lighter approach used for a much larger feature on Totara. In this example, the requirements reference the wireframe IDs and the main focus is on the wireframes document, which shows flow and includes relevant comments.

On balance, I tend to prefer the second example as I think it fits better with our agile methodology, the size of task and is easier to keep up to date.

Let's discuss at our design stream call w/c 10/02/2014.