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Preview Trouble
by Mick Leyden - Thursday, 26 May 2016, 12:54 AM

Good Morning all,

I have been working on a short module in Adapt using a vagrant install and have a couple of questions.

First off, when I try to view the course the initial intro screen opens which displays my page title and the view button. If I click view, the loading screen appears and nothing further happens. I assume I have made a mistake somewhere in the course config.

I am not a developer but I am reasonably technical, is there a way to relatively easily identify where the issue is?

I am having the behaviour both in preview mode and when I download the course, also in both Chrome and Firefox. I have got a copy of the current version here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22486090/VEC%20Draft/index.html

My second question is, is there a way to migrate this project from the vagrant install on my desktop to a vagrant install on another desktop? Currently I am running adapt on my personal laptop and would like to switch it to my work laptop. Also at some point in the next few months we will probably install Adapt on a web server so others in the team can access it, so I will need to migrate work in progress then.

Any advice on either question would be very much appreciated!!





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Re: Preview Trouble
by Mick Leyden - Thursday, 26 May 2016, 1:41 AM

Ok this is a bit embarrassing... turns out I did stuff up something, I had a couple of image components that did not have images selected... *facepalm*

I'd still appreciate some advice on question 2 though.



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Re: Preview Trouble
by Sam Tsiu - Thursday, 26 May 2016, 3:57 AM

Hello Mick

Great to know you've the preview problem figured out.

About your 2nd question, take a look of Thomas's reply to Jim in this thread, see if it is of any help.



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Re: Preview Trouble
by Mick Leyden - Friday, 27 May 2016, 1:54 AM

Thanks for the fast reply Sam.

That looks like it will do the trick. I will give it a try over the next few days.