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Anyone deploy AdaptLearning content in Canvas LMS yet?
by Ted Curran - Thursday, 21 July 2016, 8:06 PM

I have been teaching myself to design HTML5 eLearning units in AdaptLearning and I have been wondering how they could be gracefully deployed within the normal Canvas LMS course spaces?

I don't want to "override" the normal Canvas navigation with custom navigation built into the eLearning content -- rather, I'd like students to navigate the Canvas course space normally, and when they click on a "Page" or a "External Tool" (however it works best), to see the richly designed, interactive eLearning elements I've made.

I'm not entirely sure I can export individual AdaptLearning articles as standalone HTML pages that could be dropped gracefully into Canvas. I have heard it's possible to wrap Adapt content in SCORM and publish in Canvas, but again, I have no experience in this and would love to see examples. 

I'd be much obliged if someone has experience with this and can point me towards a tutorial or share your experiences using AdaptLearning with Canvas.


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Re: Anyone deploy AdaptLearning content in Canvas LMS yet?
by Muhammad Daniel - Monday, 1 August 2016, 11:40 AM

I am new to Adapt but worked with Canvas quite a lot. You can publish Adapt courses with the Spoor SCORM extension then drop into Canvas - the standard SCORM import mechanism in Canvas isn't great though for more granularity you'd need ScormCloud or something similar. Hope that helps a bit!