LearnChamp joins Adapt Learning collaborators
by Sven Laux - Tuesday, 24 June 2014, 5:11 PM

We are very pleased to welcome LearnChamp as the fifth collaborating organisation on the Adapt Learning project.

LearnChamp are based in Austria and provide an extensive range of learning and development services to the German speaking market in particular. As a Totara partner, LearnChamp have been providing services around open source for a considerable amount of time and are committed to our vision.

LearnChamp developers will be heavily involved in the development of the new authoring tool kit as well as enhancements to the Adapt Framework.

Sven Laux, City & Guild Technical Director and Project Lead for Adapt Learning said: “We are very excited about LearnChamp joining us and welcome the team on board. We know LearnChamp as a dynamic, forward thinking company who understand the L&D marketplace well. We now have significant international momentum, having reached more than 5,000 visitors in 87 countries since launch. The addition of LearnChamp to the collaborators will further our global reach and international presence."

Michael Repnik, LearnChamp's MD commented: "We are excited to support an outstanding team and we believe in the vision of the Adapt Learning Project. Responsive E-Learning Content will become a substantial part of the content market and LearnChamp’s portfolio."


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