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adapt vs. the others
by aaron quinn - Friday, 30 December 2016, 7:26 PM

hi all.

i’ve been developing eLearning for the automotive industry here in the US for over a decade. most courses were built with flash, some with captivate, and some with animateCC.

the courses are considered to be “page turners”, driven by audio, with a click next to continue. mobile has been challenging because there are pros and cons to everything. limitations make things even more difficult.

recently, i went to google and looked up “elearning tools” and this is what i saw:

top 25 tools

i gave the article and the links within a good read, and well, here i am. at this point in time, it’s been two weeks since i have installed the adapt authoring tool. in that time, i have created a test course with all of the built-in plugins. i have duplicated the vanilla theme, changed some styles, and installed it in the authoring tool. i have also installed pretty much all of the plugins from the plugin browser and the authoring tool compatibility list.

adapt is pretty cool, especially for being something that is relatively new. i can see it’s potential. a few more easy-to-modify components, themes, and templates for use with an easier installing authoring tool will make it even more attractive to development companies and independent developers for adoption into their workflow - especially since it’s free and open source. i can already think of a couple of plugins i would like like to contribute, i just don’t know how to make them yet.

keep up the good work!