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Download Adapt Showcase samples
by Fabio Beoni - Monday, 30 January 2017, 10:46 AM


I'm wondering if I can download the samples available in Adapt showcase, or at-least some of them...

I would try to upload one of them in our LMS and test it offline with the Moodle mobile app.

Thanks, F.

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Re: Download Adapt Showcase samples
by Chuck Lorenz - Thursday, 23 February 2017, 5:27 AM

Hi Fabio,

The sample course modules in the Showcase are identified by their owner/creator. Adapt Learning has displayed these modules with their permission. We cannot extend that permission ourselves. However, I would encourage you to contact them directly. Check their websites for a Contact Us form. Or chat with an employee of theirs that you recognize from the forums or gitter rooms--they should be able to direct you to the right person to ask.

- Chuck 

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Re: Download Adapt Showcase samples
by Matt Leathes - Thursday, 23 February 2017, 10:23 AM

I can tell you know that because the Moodle mobile app uses an iframe, responsive content like Adapt will have problems on iOS due to this platforms dreadful handling of content in iframes and framesets.

Adding in the iOSScrollFix extension would probably help with this. Let me try and find out if there's anything else that would need doing.

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Re: Download Adapt Showcase samples
by Mathew Gancarz - Thursday, 23 February 2017, 5:33 PM

FYI, Denis Noctor has done some work to update Jamie Smith's Simple pop-up window code from 2014 for Moodle. You can see some info on that here: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-46563 and discussion in the forums https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=339315

It involves tweaking some core code, but it will allow you to open modules in a completely seperate pop-up window, which works well with iOS.