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Authoring tool install on OS X Server
by Jonathan Briggs - Friday, 24 February 2017, 11:18 AM

Hello - I'm leading a small team of developers and we've just started with Adapt and have a few macs happily running it through the Vagrant route. We were previously developing in-house enterprise iOS apps for controlled distribution to an iPad estate which was great until the BYOD directive from the powers that be : - ) Hence we're here and Adapt has such fantastic potential. Naturally my next step is to move to a server install so we can work properly as a team. There's precious little OS capability outside of our group so I'm tempted to try and crack the server install and Adapt set-up ourselves rather than requesting it of our infrastructure team, which would doubtless take an age. So to cut to the chase – we're reasonably happy in the command line world – would I get anywhere installing OS X Server on a mac that's already running Adapt locally through Vagrant and then install the Authoring Tool on there? If not, does anybody have any advice on how best to move forward bearing in mind the above scenario? 

Many thanks for any pointers

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Re: Authoring tool install on OS X Server
by Matt Leathes - Monday, 27 February 2017, 8:20 PM

OK, so - I don't actually run the AT using Vagrant so I can't try this out myself - but looking at the Vagrant install wiki page I can see that it makes the AT available via the URL http://localhost:5000 - so it should just be a case of replacing 'localhost' with the IP address that is currently assigned to the Mac e.g.

You may have to fiddle with the firewall settings (system preferences > security & privacy > Firewall) to allow other computers to connect to that.

Also note that unless that Mac is set to have a fixed/static IP address then it won't necessarily keep the same IP address all the time - particularly if rebooted there's a good chance it'll pick up a different address. The only way around that is, I'm afraid, to speak to your IT team to ask for that Mac to be assigned a static address.

Certainly there shouldn't be any need to install OS X Server - there's a good article here that discusses when using OS X Server over macOS might be necessary.

Hope this helps

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Re: Authoring tool install on OS X Server
by Jonathan Briggs - Wednesday, 8 March 2017, 9:45 AM

Hi, just to update we got there in the end with the AT server install so we now have a production platform and can do the proof of concept stuff. In general the guidelines are really good, as long as you read them thoroughly ; - ) and get yourself up to speed with the necessary command line basics. The trip up points were missing that the AT server install REQUIRED node 4.2.X, despite that being in bold letters [Doh!] and other things like needing Xcode command line tools. Also if you're stopping the server, do it properly with Control+C as otherwise you're asking for errors. For other newbies getting going with this, I can't emphasise enough: take the time to read the guides properly.