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Re: LMS not recognizing cmi.suspend_data as string
by Flavio Martins - Thursday, 9 March 2017, 9:24 PM

Hi Matt! Thanks for your attention on that

Unfortunately I just developed this course and sent the SCORM package to my client, so I don't know exactly what LMS I'm dealing with, I beleive it could be a customized LMS. I was able to test locally in Moodle and in SCORM Cloud too (now I'll have another go following your tip), Is it a custom LMS common issue? Moodle and SCORM Cloud has some script that validates cmi.suspend_data that should be in its LMSs?

Sorry for these tons of questions, but I work alone here and it sucks not to have someone to discuss or rely to. (Sorry for my bad English!)


All the best!