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plugin: adapt-extension-savetoSheet
by aaron quinn - Monday, 13 March 2017, 5:02 AM

Save to Sheet is an extension which demonstrates how to submit data to a google spreadsheet. it is based off of this tutorial and incorporates four different methods of submitting the data. this extension is a follow-up to the cssflexgrid component, which pulls data from a google spreadsheet.

default behavior has been configured to submit course information "_isComplete" to the spreadsheet* once the course has been completed. please note that there is no response from the google form, so you will receive an error no matter what, but the data will get sent regardless. even though there is no response, the code does allow for a callback. in this case, it is a push notification alerting the user that some data has been submitted.

just like css flex grid, save to sheet is more for reference than production. it is suggested to duplicate the extension and re-code it to fit your own scenario.

*example spreadsheet courtesy of Helen Maffin