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Confirm the file structure
by Claudine Caro - Friday, 26 May 2017, 9:11 PM

I just downloaded the Adapt Authoring tool and I am interested in create a new theme, based on the Vanilla theme, with new colors. My level of familiarity with code is novice HTML and CSS. I am brand new to Less. 

I would like to use the various wikis and tutorials to learn how to edit a theme, but I am already confused because my file structure doesn't look the same as what I see in the tutorials. 

First I looked at the root of /adapt_authoring. I didn't see the file structure that would host the /theme/ folder. 


Then i looked at the new location that was created when I installed the software -- C:\Users\Claudine\my-adapt-course

I see the /src/theme/adapt-contrib-vanilla/less folder, but then my available folders/files don't look like the tutorials. For example, I don't have a /src/theme/adapt-contrib-vanilla/less/src/ folder and I don't have colors.less, generic.less, and paddings.less files that I see in the tutorials. 

Has the file structure changed or could I have done something wrong in my install?