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Re: Trickle not working when retake assessment
by Suresh Kumar - Thursday, 20 July 2017, 8:41 PM

Thanks, Matt. That is helpful.

Actually, by default the "configuration settings > extensions > trickle set Completion Attribute set to _isComplete". But this did not work for me. So, I changed it to "_isInteractionComplete" helped to get the trickle working when retaking the assessment again. 

Another issue with trickle I noticed that if I take the assessment on a smaller width browser screen (by reducing the width of the browser) for example, tablet view or smartphone view size, the tickle is not working at all. It means the step locking not working, and the subsequent block is not getting enabled to show. Sometimes, I noticed that if I increase the browser width by dragging the screen, the page scrolls down to the next block. Any suggestions on this issue will be very helpful. 

Just to share a few more details, I show feedback on each question with two attempts. After the user clicking on the close icon on the notify, it scrolls to the next block automatically (this works fine in larger width viewport, but not on the smaller width viewport).