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_isComplete not set to false on random blocks
by Henrik Aabom - Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 1:06 PM

Hi all

We've run into an odd thing, when testing which blocks are set to completed and when.

In the events where a user does not pass an assessment and clicks the "Retry Assessment" button, not all blocks in the assessment are set to _isComplete = false.

For instance, if the assessment consists of 6 blocks and the assessment is set to draw 3 of them by random, the three blocks that aren't picked does not get their _isComplete attribute updated, only the 3 blocks that are picked do that.

So, when the user doesn’t pass an assessment and clicks "Retry Assessment", only the 3 newly picked blocks will be set to _isComplete = false. This means that I could potentially run into a situation where all 6 blocks are set to _isComplete = true (even though that is not the truth), if Adapt randomly picks the 3 blocks that the user hasn't answered the first time.

Does that make any sense?


Is there a great idea behind, nor updating these "not picked" blocks? If so, why?

Or is it an oversight/bug?


We are trying to make an extension that counts all completed blocks, and this is playing tricks with us, so any input here would be nice :)