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HELP! Cornerstone courses not displaying properly
by Jonathan Briggs - Monday, 21 August 2017, 1:24 PM

We have a couple of courses built with Authoring Tool v0.3.0 and Framework 2.1.3 (these are our first biggies) and have an odd issue where everything previews fine and then also runs perfectly when tested as a standalone html folder, but when launched out of the Cornerstone LMS the overlays (feedback, window close prompts etc) don't display properly. Put simply, rather than showing in the centre of the screen, overlays show in the centre of the entire page – which might be a long way away. This behaviour is only occurring on iOS devices. Please excuse asking here – I know it's not quite the right place – but does anyone have experience of running these builds out of Cornerstone and the right settings to make it run properly? – bit of a horror story at the moment…

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Re: HELP! Cornerstone courses not displaying properly
by Oliver Foster - Monday, 21 August 2017, 7:33 PM

Hi Jonathan,

This is a well known issue, there is plenty of information about ios on the forum if you search for it https://community.adaptlearning.org/mod/forum/search.php?search=ios&id=2.

Generally this thread seems to be the endpoint for most people https://community.adaptlearning.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=926#p4714.


The summary info is that ios support for scrolling content inside iframes is terrible. The only acceptable solution is to launch a new window to remove Adapt content from the iframe. This can be achieved with a simple launch.html page which opens a new window using index_lms.html or by using an extension like https://github.com/cgkineo/adapt-launchNewWindow.


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Re: HELP! Cornerstone courses not displaying properly
by Jonathan Briggs - Tuesday, 22 August 2017, 3:11 PM

Thanks for your pointers – we've used the Launch new Window extension: extremely thankful that it exists… Whilst working through this we also tested the builds launching from Scorm Cloud and the original error does not occur. We're not getting any help from Cornerstone to be honest and the course settings dialogue is limited compared to SC so that'd suggest Cornerstone launches a window differently than SC. Whilst we're sorted right now, does anyone have any experience of configuring a course in Cornerstone to do without the LNW extension? Or is it just a bit rubbish?

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Re: HELP! Cornerstone courses not displaying properly
by Oliver Foster - Tuesday, 22 August 2017, 8:39 PM

We have an LMS expert who's off on holiday until the 29th. I'll email him this thread.

I suspect Cornerstone probably doesn't have an "open without iframe stuff" option. I gather that iframes are pretty standard for most LMSes.

We'll find out when on the 29th no doubt.

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Re: HELP! Cornerstone courses not displaying properly
by Matt Leathes - Tuesday, 29 August 2017, 11:43 AM


Actually with Cornerstone it's such old code it's actually using a <frameset> rather than an <iframe>...! Causes much the same problems with Safari though.

No, I know of no other workaround aside from using the launchNewWindow extension. You only need to configure it to activate for iOS though.

And yes, SCORM Cloud doesn't use either <frameset> or an <iframe> which is why it all works fine there.

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Re: HELP! Cornerstone courses not displaying properly
by fergus beake - Wednesday, 23 August 2017, 8:32 AM

I've spent the last few weeks looking into workarounds regarding IOS, as my own content requires multiple nested IFrames in order to work.

IOS has huge problems regarding how it displays absolutely positioned content. This is caused by the way it treats the entire IFrame as a viewport (visible part of the page), where other browsers look at the visible part of the page.

There's an extension Called IOS fix that should help with that. alternatively, you can edit the JavaScript within the modules triggering the overlays to replace the overlays with alerts when on IOS.