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"Conditional" trickle
by Egle Vin - Tuesday, 29 August 2017, 12:32 PM


I think Trickle's ability to jump to any article or block on the page could be very useful for branching but I feel I haven't been able to configure it properly. Therefore, I have a few questions about making the most out of Trickle:

1. Is it possible to set it up so that it jumps to a specific article or block based on the learner's answer, i.e. acts somewhat like a "conditional" trickle? Example use case: There are two response options in a scenario question and once the learner has selected their response, they're taken to another interaction that showcases the consequences of their choice. Obviously the consequences are different depending on the choice.

2. If so, it is possible to hide the skipped content I don't want the learner to see based on the option they've selected?

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Re: "Conditional" trickle
by Oliver Foster - Wednesday, 30 August 2017, 11:23 AM

I think you'd probably be better not to use trickle.

Adapt renders a page with all of it's components in one long scrolling page, so branching on a page means you have to have control over when the children get rendered. Whilst this is possible, it's probably quite time consuming and expensive.

It would be a lot quicker to make a branching button which, based upon the answers on the current page, branches to a new page. 

In conjunction with the branching button, a branching feedback component would probs be needed. A lot cheaper and probably just as effective.

You could event create never pages, articles, blocks and components based upon the answers from the first page, giving you real dynamism.

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Re: "Conditional" trickle
by Egle Vin - Wednesday, 30 August 2017, 3:40 PM

That's a great suggestion, thanks Ollie!