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Adapt Meetup Vienna
by Thomas Berger - Thursday, 28 September 2017, 8:36 AM

Hi all,

the meetups in the UK at the beginning of this year were a great success and LearnChamp wants to follow up on this, hoping to establish more face-to-face meetings in the community: We are going to host a two-day meetup in Vienna on November 20-21.

For this event we would like to invite representatives from all contributing companies, organizations, community members and Adapt-newbies to join us in Vienna.

Besides offering a platform for developers to discuss issues and roadmap topics in a face-to-face format, the meetup is also intended to present Adpat Learning to German speaking and Eastern European markets. The two days will be a combination of talks and workshops related to the Adpat Framework, Authoring Tool and responsive eLearning in general.

Adapt is the leading tool for creating fully responsive eLearning content. However, getting started is often a barrier for people coming to Adapt. The workshops will address this issue, giving a glimpse in interesting projects, the roadmap of the tool and a lot of new ideas from both e-learning professionals and the companies developing Adapt.

So, this event really puts our open source project and its products in the spotlight, where it belongs.

I would like to invite people, who are interested in taking part in the talks to contact me directly, as there are reserved slots and we can Adapt the schedule, depending on the topics.

If you are still hesitating: The two-day format will give us time to socialize hitting the beautiful Christmas markets in Vienna and discuss the next great features of Adapt over a couple of mugs of mulled wine, or “Glühwein” in German.

On our info page you can find further information to the event. If you plan to join, hit the register button for your free ticket! 


Right in the city center with a main meeting room and a smaller room for focus groups or meetings with all the developers to discuss roadmap items if required.

And if you need some tips for your stay in Vienna, I will be happy to help.

See you at the meetup and kind regards,


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Re: Adapt Meetup Vienna
by Helen Bailey - Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 10:39 AM

Wow it sounds amazing and I LOVE Vienna!

Not sure I could get the time off but I will keep up to date with what's going on - great work!


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Re: Adapt Meetup Vienna
by Matt Leathes - Friday, 6 October 2017, 11:46 AM

Sadly the 20th November is the day of my eldest son's birthday and I don't think I'd be too popular if I missed that!