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Re: Editor Flow
by Alistair Marshall - Tuesday, 8 October 2013, 3:54 PM

Hi - I've been reading with interest. Ryan's diagram accurately depicts our processes for build as well - I guess we all use something similar and also agree with Paul that being able to generate a skeleton structure of the course is very useful as many clients have no idea how the storyboard translates into an on-screen module and so very often it's not until a prototype or even alpha version that they realise how it hangs together. We often produce the p101 equivalent that Paul refers to for any custom screens, styled up with a couple of standard screens, and use it for sign off of the GUI.

It would be nice to be able to generate that preview in a client area within the tool and to provide secure access to it for the client - and then taking it further be able to gather feedback online but I guess that's further down the line.

What I'm not sure about yet is the scope of the tool around asset management, version control, common asset libraries etc. Some of the platforms being discussed as the underlying framework i.e. drupal etc have this inherently but it is the plan that adapt will utilise this, or would this be handled externally on SVN for example?  Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere and I've missed it.

I know the main aim of the tool is to produce adaptive content but it would be nice to address some of those other aspects of content development that I guess we all have to deal with day to day.

Cheers Al