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Stakeholder Review Tools?
by Ted Curran - Thursday, 18 January 2018, 10:25 PM

Hi, Adapt Designers, 


We are coming to Adapt from an old system that was horrible in many ways, but one good thing about it was that it allowed our stakeholders to login and see our course designs, give comments, and even edit text content collaboratively with us.


I've been trying to think of a way we could post half-completed Adapt courses onto some platform and allow our stakeholders to at least leave sticky notes on page elements so we can collaborate visually on the content. 


What do others do to meet this need? Is there a good platform where I can upload HTML/SCORM packages and let my stakeholders comment on them? 



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Re: Stakeholder Review Tools?
by Matt Leathes - Friday, 19 January 2018, 9:53 AM

I've not tried it myself but one of the companies who contribute to Adapt built a system called Perligo that sounds like it might fit the bill...

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Re: Stakeholder Review Tools?
by Brian Quinn - Friday, 19 January 2018, 3:32 PM

Hi Ted,

Learning Pool have a hosted version of the Adapt authoring tool which has built-in comment and review functionality currently in beta testing and due to roll out at the end of January.



Aniket Dharia
Re: Stakeholder Review Tools?
by Aniket Dharia - Monday, 22 January 2018, 1:42 PM

Hey Ted - 

If you are using the Adapt Authoring tool, you can easily switch to VYAS SYSTEMS's version called eLAT. This tool has lots of cool features coming in apart from the feedback mechanism which is been used by our clients for more than a year now. The roadmap can be found here - Support Link

If you are also using different authoring tools, you can use our eLearning Review and Feedback Management Tool specifically built for eLearning. This tool is coming out as a full version by this weekend with detailed reporting and easy to use feedback mechanism. You can send the email to the team for getting a free trial.

URL:  Perligo Website



Founder of VYASSYS: Company behind eLAT and Perligo.

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Re: Stakeholder Review Tools?
by Rishabh Saxena - Tuesday, 30 January 2018, 7:03 AM

Hi Ted,

I think you should check out zipBoard. Like you've mentioned, it's built exactly for the purpose of leaving comments and annotation on your course, whether a SCORM file or an HTML one.

You can upload the course package to zipBoard and then invite your stakeholders onto the project. Else, if you'd like to get feedback without getting them to sign up to the course, then you can just share a link with them where they can submit feedback and review the course.

You can see a sample course and how it works here.