Michael Palmer joins Adapt Learning collaborators
by Sven Laux - Thursday, 26 June 2014, 10:38 AM

I am very pleased to announce that Michael Palmer has officially joined the Adapt Learning project as a collaborator.

Michael is a freelance User Experience / User Interface designer and has been working with the core team on the design of the authoring tool for a while. He has already made a big difference to the project and brought consistency and a real focus on ease of use and best practice into the ongoing UI design work.

Michael is the first person to join the Adapt Learning collaborators as a self-funding individual, without the financial backing of a company. We really appreciate his time commitment, which is proportionally huge.

Sven Laux, Project Lead for Adapt Learning said: “I am extremely pleased that Michael has joined us and I see it as a key win for the project. Having worked with him for several years, I truly rate Michael’s passion, creativity and his ability to bring simplicity into complex designs.

Michael commented: “The Adapt Learning authoring tool starts from a blank sheet of paper and that provides an enviable scope to help shape the future of responsive, innovative, accessible e-learning design. I love a challenge and I am massively excited and really very grateful for the opportunity to get involved.